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20 dead, 26 wounded in El Paso, Texas shooting
Law & Order | 48 hits
11 Twenty people were killed and one person is in custody after a shooting rampage Saturday at a shopping mall, police in the Texas border town of El Paso said.

Online ISIS supporter deemed a danger to Canada ordered released from custody
Law & Order | 58 hits
The Immigration and Refugee Board imposed more than two dozen conditions on Othman Hamdan.

Canadian News


Oilsands CEOs take federal election message to voters in full-page newspaper ads Social Sharing
Business | 106 hits
Three of Canada's biggest oilsands producers are going directly to voters to ask them to "influence the outcome" of big decisions concerning the oil and gas sector as a fall federal election looms.

Son of wrongfully convicted B.C. man Thomas Sophonow pleads guilty to Calgary murder
Law & Order | 113 hits
Christopher Desjarlais admitted a charge of second-degree murder in the Oct. 31, 2017, stabbing death of Randeep (Bobby) Dhaliwal

West Van police investigate threatening graffiti directed at mayor, council
Law & Order | 101 hits
Three large signboards on Esquimalt Avenue were spray-painted with the phrases "Kill Booth" and "Kill Council"

Owners grieve German shepherd stabbed to death at Ottawa Park
Misc CDN | 130 hits
3 Hades and Pephu Park are grieving their one-year-old German shepherd after it was stabbed and died Wednesday evening at Patterson Creek Park, an incident that has left area dog-walkers on edge.

British teen dies falling from plane after ‘battling passengers to open door?/a>
Strange | 140 hits
2 Cutland was in a plane with another passenger and the pilot. Ten minutes into the flight, she unbuckled her seatbelt and attempted to open the door

Trudeau's top advisor accused Indian PM of trying to 'screw' Liberals during 2018 trip: book excerpt
Misc CDN | 107 hits
OTTAWA ?Justin Trudeau’s longtime adviser Gerald Butts accused India’s government of trying to “screw?the Liberals to help his Canadian Conservative rivals during the prime minister’s controversy-ridden trip to India.

A wave pool at a water park malfunctioned and caused a tsunami, injuring 44 people
Strange | 107 hits
Video shows the moment the machine generated the enormous wave, turning a relaxing afternoon at the pool into a bloody nightmare with screaming adults and crying children

Man shot in face after giving aggressive driver the finger: London police
Misc World | 118 hits
A young man stopped at an east London intersection was shot in the face after giving another motorist the finger in what police now say is a case of possible road rage.

Canadian News


Canadian News


Canadian News


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